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State Bathing Resort
Bad Ems
Roemerstraße 8
D-56130 Bad Ems
Fon +49 (0)2603/973-0
Fax +49 (0)2603/973-100






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Designation of Provider/IndicatorÝs obligation acc. to TMG:

Staatsbad Bad Ems GmbH
Roemerstraße 8
D-56130 Bad Ems
Phone: +49/2603/973-0 
Fax: +49/2603/973-100

Supervisory board chairman: Senior Government official Dr. Thorsten Rudolph
Executive director: Thomas Wilhelmi
Commercial register Koblenz: HRB 838
Sales tax-IdentNo: DE 149 320 167

Kurwaldbahn Bad Ems GmbH
Roemerstraße 8
D-56130 Bad Ems
Phone: +49/2603/973-0
Fax: +49/2603/973-100
Executive director: Thomas Wilhelmi
Commercial register Koblenz: HRB 991
Sales tax-IdentNo: DE 149 320 167
Supervisory authority: Rheinland-Pfalz State Office for Mobility, Koblenz 

Disclaimer - Nonliability:

Contents of the online performance
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Legal effectiveness of this exclusion of liability
This exclusion of liability is part of the internet performance which points to the according site. As far as parts or singular wordings of this text will not, no longer or incompletely correspond to legal positions, the residual parts of the document will nevertheless remain unaffected concerning contents and validness.

Data security
As far as it is possible to enter personal data or data on business in line with the internet performance, the users will explicitly reveal their data voluntarily. We specifically exclude any transfer of data to third parties unless users agree. As far as individual-related data will be collected, these data are subject to the conditions of data security in Germany. As far as you request us not to use your individual-related data for further contacting or to cancel your data, we will do so. As far as data will be absolutely essential for order transaction or commercial objects, these data will remain unaffected by abrogation or cancellation. We will gladly inform you in reference to your individual-related data if you request us in written form.
Online Dispute Resolution
The European Commission offers the possibility for online dispute resolution on an online platform operated by her. This platform can be reached
[external link].
For Staatsbad Bad Ems GmbH there is no juridical obligation to the participation in a Online Dispute Resolution procedure. We prefer to clear your concerns in the direct exchange with you and therefore we do not take part in the Online Dispute Resolution procedure. Please contact us if questions and problems.
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